Senzorium is a pioneer of sensorial theatre in Slovenia. It originates from a theatre called Teatro de los Sentidos, founded by Enrique Vargas, the creator of the sensorial theatre language.


Sensorial theatre uses sensorial language, incorporating features such as audience interactivity, multisensory perceptions and internationally and interculturally intelligible content. Interactivity is not a technological mode of interaction but a direct and immediate communication between the audience and the performers, which takes place live and in which there are reciprocal connections between all participants. The sensory communication tools also include smell, taste and touch, allowing for greater organic immersion and experience for the audience. Elements of a sensorial theatrical language have emerged over the last two centuries in the experiments and manifestos of important artists from the end of the previous millennium.


In its most recent period, Sensorium brings the sensory tools of immersive effects to the stage, opening up new communication possibilities in the performing arts. It is also transferring its knowledge and skills from theatre practice to the fields of intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, museums, galleries and even opera. Multi-sensory communication and the presentation of artistic and educational content have made their mark in the 21st century in the world and Europe. Educational and museum programmes are particularly keen on multi-sensory communication. Senzorium is applying this type of practice both in Slovenia and abroad.