City of silence

A place of silence, time and space after death. Just as we imagine it, or want it?

The initiative and the basis for the performance-labyrinth City of Silence were the testimonies of people confronted with death, collected by Dr. Michael D. Newton in his book Journey of the Soul. But more than the cessation of the physical or death itself, the creators of the performance explored the time and space after death; the time when we look back and try to correct the mistakes we have made or make up for what we have missed, and the space -the place of silence- that opens access to a new place of being – paradise. If silence is the daughter of night and the sister of sleep, it has, like its mother and brother, a transformative power. If a being lives only on the material plane, he plunges into hell; conversely, if he lives on the spiritual plane, silence reveals to him the fields of light. In every human being and on all planes of existence, death and life exist together, a tension between opposing forces. Silence opens access to the reign of the spirit, of true life.


Concept and direction by Barbara Pia Jenič
Technical Director and Lighting Designer.
Sound Design: Peter Penko
Costume design: Jasminka Mitrić
Smell design: Barbara Pia Jenič
Performers: Tilen Konte, Domen Tašner, Aja Kobe, Maja Lozič, Tina Hribar, Jure Vuga, Isa Cernac, Nina Bric, Špela Janša, Suzana Grau, Karla Vidmar, Julijana Jovanič, Nena Močnik, Maruša Kink, Urša Boljkovac, Maša Bojc, Urša Poljanšek, Katarina Gornik, Barbara Krajnc and Urška Bradaškja