To be or to have

“How can I talk about my wish? Is what I desire real, or is it just an illusion? A pleasant nightmare?…wake up? I fight until I get it… when I get it, I rush into a new challenge… Do I really want to give a name, to conjure up an image of something that is not there… It’s just the wind, the withered lawn… it’s lost… Where is the voice and where is the form? Why am I a hunter? I am lurking in the shadows… an echo that recedes. What is my song? There are a thousand ways, a thousand possibilities… Everyone forges his own sonnet… I want my song to be five… a thousand ways, a thousand possibilities… the true heart gives birth to breath… on the others, I am speechless… Which is my poem? What story am I the hero of?” (bpj)

The question of the aim and purpose of life leads us to the question of the nature of human needs. What is it that nourishes us, fills us… For some it is the possession of property, people, ideas, power, money. For some it is compassion, love, friendship, giving… self-improvement, personal growth and personal development. What nourishes us liberates us. But the principle of liberation has been lost or distorted in our society. In our time, it is believed that a man can be a slave without chains. The outer chains have passed into the inner man. The desires and thoughts with which he is filled by the social suggestive apparatus cling to him much more strongly than the external chains. Man is aware of the external chains, but he is unaware of the internal chains, which he calmly tolerates and lives under the illusion that he is free. How can he get rid of the chains of which he is unaware? (E. Fromm)
We live in a world where most people wander in a circle of artificial desires because they cannot find or fail to live their own. The show is concerned with the search for truth, for lost values, with awakening a sense of one’s own identity of desires and motives.


Written and directed by Barbara Pia Jenič
Set design by Barbara Pia Jenič
Technical Director: Gabriel Hernandez
Lighting Design : Gabriel Hernandez
Music by Peter Penko
Vocals : Barbara Pia Jenič
Architectural design of the structure : Barbara Kapelj
Costumes: Barbara Kapelj
Scents and Tactility : Barbara Pia Jenič
Design of the theatre list: Urša Boljkovac, Iztok Klančar
Photo: Urša Boljkovac
Set design by Gabriel Hernandez, Barbara Kapelj, Domen Tašner, Urša Boljkovac, Urška Bradaska, Manca Dorrer, Jan Bučar, Maja Martina Merljak, Nana Milčinski, Leja Benedičič, Maša Bojc, Saša Rakef, Vanja Bazdulj, Mitja Perinčič and Barbara Pia Jenič
Maša Bojc
Administration: Julijana Jovanić

Actors-in-residence: Manca Dorrer, Urška Bradaškja, Urša Boljkovac, Nana Milčinski, Maša Bojc, Jan Bučar, Maja Martina Merljak, Saša Rakef, Leja Benedičič, Domen Tašner, Ida Hiršenfelder, Meta Černe alto, Primož Vrhovec alto, Nina Bric alt.


Premiere 5 November 2004, repeated daily until 30 November, extension until 9 December 2004

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