An entrance through the half–veiled curtains of the collective unconscious to the sacred expectation of mysterious insight. Despite the abysm of centuries the gate to the world of archaic man will open again in the quest of answers to the fundamental existential hindrances. The act which in itself comprises the mentality of cultural and historical diversity at the point of that which is the most primarily human.

The secret mysteries of agricultural Eleusius offered support to an ancient man in their realisation and understanding of themselves, their activity and position in the world through the whole development of their thought from preHomeric and Homeric mentality to the predominance of the logos and the final inveteracy of Christianity. The celebration in the month of Beodromion which links summer and autumn, in the time of harvest, abundance of wheat and barley, which is simultaneously also the time of the passage to the dead part of a year, indicates the necessity of awareness, worshipping and understanding of the life cycle of the goddess of Eleusius, the great mother Gaia, and at the same time the life cycle of an individual who, as a consecrator, enters the unspeakable mysteries of the cult of Demeter. Longing for the contact with the divine and the necessity for at least minimal insight into the world, from which everything appears and where it returns. To this day the aspirations for elucidation, which could have been offered to its participants by Eleusius, remain the same. Where is contemporary Eleusius? The two thousand year long inconceivable rites of the mysteries are with their unfathomable character close to the spiritual forlornness, in which a modern man frailly finds themselves again and again. The symbolical quest for the transcendental through the earthly and their connections, the removing of conventional ways of realisation. And instead the unveiling of the truths which perch inside of everyone, forgotten and obliterated, and yet unambiguously present.

The exploration of space through veiled eyelids in the so–called captivity in – the darkness reveals itself through collective instincts as well.

The space which we walk in for the first time is pictorially and mentally formed with the help of the conjunction of memory, imagination and momentary impression. The vortex of a new world which is taking place somewhere behind “the ajar door” leads into the temptation of the revelation and recognition of what is beyond. With the attempt to dream in the depth and in the pleasant unknown we reach and approach the Infiniteness. And thus consequently the intimate freedom, however each of us interprets and forms it.

Let us look for the solution to the narrowness in the subjective in the stone of wisdom from the distant East, which rests on thousands of years of usage of prophecies – The Book of Changes (I Ching). The matrix of all existent mutual relations of the being which can become the guide on the crossroads of life decisions. The collection of all the answers hidden in the legitimacy of the world. They need only to be comprehended.

Inside the ever changing circuit of nature in the bustle of the passing of seasons, fructification, giving birth and passing of everything that exists, it is only the change that remains constant and its driving force the aspiration to order. The thought caught in the system of hexagrams is based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the constant intertwining of contrasts, though not on the principle of a hierarchic exchange but rather on their equal decantation where at the same time every element already contains the source of its own contrast.

The condition for the recognition of the reduction of a tree to a seed is the necessity of the insight of the reversed process: the growth of the seed into the tree. “In a seed, in the most hidden silence, the end of everything is tied to a new beginning.” The gist of the freedom of man′s activity is found exactly in the knowledge of this legitimacy of the world, which, through the assertion of their innate abilities, enables them to direct their destiny in the harmonisation with the rest of the world – on the path to happiness.

Therefore take the step forward and step in.



Author of the concept and director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Inspiration: Zmajev dih (The Breath of a Dragon) and Mitja Stojadinov, Eleusinian Mysteries, The Book of Changes
Consultant: Vili Ravnjak
Dramaturges: Zala Dobovšek, Eva Mahkovic, Nika Leskovšek
Masks: Vesna Zornik
Costume Designer: Elena Fajt
Music: Peter Penko
Lightning Designer and Technical Director: Davor Balent
Odour and Design: Senzorium
Graphic Designer: Mirola Šoti
Sound techician: Samo Jurca
Photographer: Primož M. Dolničar
English Translation: Polona Prodnik
Assistant Producer: Julijana Jovanič
Public Relations: Bojan Rojko
Production: Senzorium
Co–Production: Drštvo B–51 (Association B–51)

Cast: Jerica Majerhold, Polona Prodnik, Saška Jenič, Domen Tašner, Vesna Zornik, Suzana Grau, Manca Dorrer Vesna Vrabelj, Meta Černe, Barbara Pia Jenič, Nika Leskovšek (understudy), Zala Dobovšek (understudy)



Ljubljana Castle, Ex ponto Festival Premiere: September 17, 2006, Closing date: September 26, 2006. The project is supported by Mestna Občina Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia, Attorneys in law Miro Senica in odvetniki, Festival Ljubljana