In vino veritas?

Does wine really bring the truth or merely seduction in purgatory, banishment to hell and return to heaven? Will you let Senzorium surprise you and so you will return wiser for an insight?

IN VINO VERITAS? with its sensorial theatrical poetics – takes the visitors on a journey of processing grapes into wine and helps them in a Dionysiac manner to uncover the truth about themselves, wine, themselves in wine and wine in themselves.

The project is a part of the concept of the exhibition about wine in Slovenia: “Anew the vines have fruited” that takes place in Slovene Ethnographic Museum between November 2008 and June 2009.

Omnes tenebrae sunt dies novus.
Omnis turpis stellae superbia. Quisque poeta suae laetitiae.
Fundum tangendi iterum surgunt.
Anima, inspicas! In oculos sibi prospectas!
Repercutit, ignescit, saltat, clamat.
Lacrima mare facta est cum illac labitur…
Tenebras tangas
et diem novum inspicas!

Every darkness is a new day. Every monster a star’s vanity.
Every man a poet of their happiness. Only those who touch the bottom,
arise again.
Soul, look!
Look into your eyes!
It reflects,
radiates, dances, screams! A drop becomes the sea, when it drips in it.
Rejoice! Touch the darkness and
look into a new day. Rejoice.

Author of the concept and Director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Set designer and Lightning designer: Tomaž Štrucl
Music: Peter Penko, Tomi M., Grega Skočir, Irena Preda
Performers: Jaka Andrej Vojevec, Manca Dorrer, Meta Černe, Jerica Majerhold Ostrovršnik, Vesna Vrabelj, Polona Prodnik, Tina Uršič, Barbara Pia Jenič, Alenka Kozolc – guest, Ana Marija Mitic – guest
Asistants: Anja Guid, Ana Vukicevic, Lena Nagode
Music performers: Tomi M., Grega Skočir, Irena Preda, Barbara Pia
Sound designer: Samo Jurca
Photographers: Vanessa Tivadar, Tadej Žnidarčič
Video shots: Blaž Oman
Graphic design: Lena Nagode
Latin translations: Mitja Toškan
English translations: Polona Prodnik
Public relations: Urška Comino
Production: Senzorium
Co-production: Slovene Ethnographic Museum and KD B-51 (Ex Ponto Festival)
The project is supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia


Opening: 7. December 2008, until June 2009 Opening hours: every Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Premiere: 8. December 2008
Shows in 2008: 9., 10., 11. December
9., 10., 11., 12., 13., 14. Februar
17., 18., 19., 20., 21., 22. March

Entrances: from 6pm to 10pm – Each visitor enters individually at 4-minute intervals. Necessary are preceding reservations at the telephone number 00386 1 300 87 45. Booked tickets are to be collected by 5pm at the latest on the day of the performance.

Special thanks to: Dr. Vasko Simoniti, Matej Zavrl, Damir Dimitrovič Kos, Bojana Rogelj, Vida Breže, Mitja Toškan, Tomaž Bole, Mea Valens, Alojz Jurjec, Soline Sečovlje, Tiskarna Bagraf, Lucija Sotlar, Anja Guid, Ana Vukicevic, Lena Nagode, Nataša Trtnik, Andrej Trtnik