Based on: The Baptism at The Savica, two works of the same title, by France Prešeren and by Dominik Smole

In performance The Baptism the author examines the deepest, the mightiest and the unexhausted well of art – which is “hope against hopelessness, our lastingness in time”. Up until now Senzorium has offered individual treatment, experience and touch. Sometimes physical, oftentimes metaphorical. And now we are heading into the kingdom of sound. “The sound design for Barbara ’s performance is for me a brief look backwards, towards film, but I look forward to it very much. Film sound really does come naturally to me, although this time it will sound in the theatre. That is a good idea,” says Hanna Preuss, a sound designer. In performance The Baptism, the question of art resides in carefully thought–through aesthetics, on the ground of the love between Bogomila and Črtomir; she, Maja Martina Merljak, really believes. Črtomir, Boris Cavazza, follows her. They both burn.

We, artists, are like fervent believers who fight for “the gods above the clouds” in the time of capitalism in Europe. The web of demands for our work to be measured, numbered and banalized into “papers” is restrictive. “With performance The Baptism I attempt to re-baptize myself into a modern, economical and effective artist.” The performance also carries a strong message in the video, contributed by Alan Wilder, an ex member of Depeche Mode, and Dmitry Semenov.

“Are we going to judge with out hearts this time?”

Author of the Concept and Director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Bogomila: Maja Martina Merljak
Črtomir (voice): Boris Cavazza
Sound effects: Hana Preuss Slak
Music: Peter Penko, Alan Wilder/ Recoil
Video: Dmitry Semenov
Choreography: Dušan Teropšič
Dancers Fičo Balet: Janja Buzečan, Anja Keber, Tina Koščak, Urša Dubravica
Photo: Vanessa Tivadar, Samo Jurca
Costume design: Incognito design
Set Design and Lighting Design: Barbara Pia Jenič
Public relations: Nina Kokelj
Translation: Polona Prodnik
Production: Senzorium Theatre
Co–production: The Ljubljana Festival

Opening night: 8. November 2010
Kazemate hall, Ljubljana castle, Ljubljana

special thanks to:
Dmitry Semenov, Alan Wilder, Bojana Kunst, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Simon Kardum, Denis Miklavčič, Andraž Hafner, Hanna Preuss Slak, Goran Bogdanovski, Ema Kugler, Mare Bulc, Nataša Trtnik, Samo Jurca, Marko Jurca, Tomaž Novak FL, Adam Muzafirović FL, Urška Comino, Irena Tomažin, Dejan Nikolič, Tatjana Pinoza FL