Gothic windows

In these anxious times of our globalized world, smart technology and permissive upbringing, we have invited the great wizard Merlin to use his wise powers in order to help us awaken the values we like to yack a lot about, but tend not to practice very often. Welcome to the nocturnal labyrinth of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, in the company of Merlin, fragrant whispers and mysterious paths, guarded by characters from the long-forgotten tales

A hunt for the spiritual treasure, the unveiling of the story through darkened scented corridors, tunnels, stairways, only to find your own pearl or a light at the end of tunnel. A group or family journey through the night for adults accompanied by children from age 7 to 99. The show is one hour long, visitors are received in groups of 5 individuals, every 10 minutes.

Author and director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Visual designer: Barbara Bulatović
Animation consulting: Brane Vižintin
Sound designer: Penko Peter
Assistant of visual designer and illustrator: Tina Mohorovič
Costumes and make up: Incognito design
Scent design: Barbara Pia Jenič
English translation: Miso Micic
Photo: Suncan Stone
Performers: Sandi Pavlin, Lucija Čirović, Miha Arh and:
Manca Dorrer, Meta Černe, Vesna Vrabelj, Mišo Mićić, Veronika Brinjšek, Andreja Skrinjer

Production: Senzorium Zavod
Coproduction: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Project was created with the help of MOL (Municipality of Ljubljana). We would like to thank SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana for all the help and assistance.

Special thanks to: Ivanka Mežan, Ema Kugler, šentjakobsko gledališče Ljubljana.