Smells of Emona (The name of the Ljubljana city in Roman times)

Emona Fragrances sensory theatre’s interactive performance brings the everyday life of Roman Emona closer to our visitors. As is always the case in sensory theatre, this performance mediates its images and messages also by arousing and enticing the visitor’s sensory organs.

Fragrances play an important role in the performance, for they appear in the function of a time machine and combined with the soundscape they mediate the spirit and atmosphere of the period. The fragrant and soothing sensations are accompanied by the words of antiquity authors such as Seneca, Horace, Petronius, Ovid as well as one of the few Roman female poets Sulpicia which seduce you as well as give you a deeper insight into the Roman Emona.

Concept, directed by: Barbara Pia Jenič
Music: Peter Penko
Advisor for antiquity texts: Nada Grošelj
Texts: Seneca, Horace, Petronius, Ovid and Sulpicia
Photo: Suncan Stone

Manca Dorrer, Hana Gorše, Barbara Pia Jenič, Jerica Majerhold Ostrovršnik, Urša Eva Pucelj, Andreja škrinjer, Marko Ujc, Veronika Brinjšek; Iztok Drabik Jug and Primož Vrhovec (audio)

Production assistant: Neža Peterle
Graphic design: Tomaž Dobravc
Production: Zavod Senzorium
Co-produced by: MGML

The project was financially supported by the Town Municipality of Ljubljana
4th, 6th and 7th August at 9 pm