Sensorial soundscapes

Interactive Installation

Original music and concept: Peter Penko
Smells and concept: Barbara Pia Jenič
Vocals: Zala Hodnik

This acoustic interactive installation explores the inherent relationships between sound and material reality, between sound and sensuousness. It places sound in various sensual contexts, thereby enabling it with new potentials of perception, experience, and interpretation.
The installation is based on a synesthesia of soundscapes, smells and static pictures. As its point of departure it relies on the ability to recognize individual stimuli (sound, smell, sight) and combinations of them. We ask ourselves how smells or pictures influence our perceptions in the area of sound, to what extent our understandings of soundscapes and visual images differ, and what we share in common; while stressing that an analysis of the former (understanding) is conditional or dependent on smells. Are our perceptions and responses to the abovementioned senses universal, or are they unique? Do they in addition to external stimuli; create complex but just as unique, psychological profiles for every individual? Our goal is to achieve new and experiment with different sensations of the visitor; a new experience of atmosphere through combinations of various sounds, smells and pictures.
— Miroslav Akrapović

The Senzorium theatre is a pioneer in the development of sensorial theatre in Slovenia and one of the rare theatres in Europe and the world which intertwines all senses into their presentations. Music and sound are therefore very important elements in the poetics of sensorial theatre. The olfactory-acoustic synesthesia of senses in combination with visual art, represents a new step in the development of art in Slovenia and in the world.

Executive production: zavod Senzorium
Financial support by: Ministry of culture of Republic of Slovenia
Co – organized by: International centre of graphic arts – MGLC Ljubljana