Sensorial lecture performance

The sensorial theatre language includes features such as public interaction, multisensorial perception and internationally and interculturaly understandable content. Interactivity is not a technological or intelectual mode of interaction, but a direct communication between audience and performers, which takes place live and with reciprocal communication between all parties involved. Sensorial theater tools include smell, taste and touch and alow the audience a deeper immersive experience.

Lecture performance on the sensorial theatre in Slovenia and its international and historic context. Several important creators and institutions throughout the history of theatre (Wagner, Schechner, Bauhaus, Reinhardt, Nitsch, Grotowski, Marinetti, Hlebnikov …) attempted to use tools found in the sensorial theatre in the 19th and 20th century, however it was Enrique Vargas who developed it to its full potential and poetics.

The lecture performance is divided into a theoretical (historic and international) and practical part.

Author, director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Music: Peter Penko
Video design: Gašper Brezovar
Production: Senzorium
Premiere: Anton Podbevšek teater 26. okt 2016