The poetics of an empty space


A guided tour through a new building of Academy for theatre, radio, film and television (AGRFT) and sensorial experience of poetic empty spaces





New building, empty spaces.

At first glance, not very poetic, devoid of memories, stories and content. So we took a peek into the past, into memories, through the empty spaces. Throughout history, the Academy has created a series of parallel realities still lived by its inhabitants today. In these parallel worlds, there are spaces that offer psychological and emotional refuge, places that are saturated with strong sensory impressions in our inner world. The question and the aim of the project The Poetics of Empty Space is how and in what way to inhabit the empty spaces of the new Academy with a new spirit; how to bring into the space memory, imagination and other parallel realities that fascinate us, open up inner images and memories and provide a kind of psychological and emotional refuge. We invite you into our inner sanctuaries, into the cradles of wisdom where transformations and initiations, quantum leaps, insights, and realizations occur. These are our wombs of cosmic being, our eternal anchorages. Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space”, one of the fundamental works of the sensorial language methodology, alongside Brook’s “Empty Space” and Meta Hočevar’s “Spaces of the Play”, has become an essential element for our creative understanding and creation of intimate spaces, scenes that open up memories and imagination for the visitor.

The Guide (Saloma, Kitty): Uršula Vratuša

Creators of poetic spaces:

Katarina Majcen: “Without”

Maruša Mali: “Contexts”

Lucija Zuchiatti: “Nest”

Ursula Vratuša: “At Night”


Produced, conceived and directed by Barbara Pia Jenič

Music and Sound design: Peter Penko

Dramaturgical collaborator: Tomaž Toporišič UL AGRFT

Advisor for movement: Tanja Zgonc UL AGRFT

Set design advisor: Jasna Vastl UL AGRFT

Costume advisor: Tina Kolenik UL AGRFT

Speech advisor: Tomaž Gubenšek UL AGRFT


Co-production of Senzorium Institute and AGRFT

The project is supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana in 2021

Premiere 23rd of September 2021

Entrances: 4.30 pm, 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm