The city of sighs

The City of Sighs lives at the time of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union and the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008) when Ljubljana, like the whole of Europe, is a set of many events dealing with this topic. Therefore, also this City breathes to remind the Slovenians that we can decide what we carry already in our name – “love”. The castle city can then be nothing more than love – love for our country and nation, love between individuals, parents and their children, friends and neighbours – and the easiest way to express it is through art, music, film and literature. Thus love between Slovenians as individuals and Slovenians as a nation is represented by lively ghosts and living legends of Slovenian music, which have resonated in our ears for ages, and we can identify with them. Music is always supranational and international, and it can easily breach the gap between locals and foreigners, it connects us. When we are at a loss for words, music speaks.
Despite love, some Slovenian literary and film heroes who are a part of Slovenian national archetypal essence are not at a loss for words. They lead and guide us through history and musical ambience at Ljubljana Castle. Although they are timeless, they try to optimistically look into the bright future, relieved of their historical despondency and neglect.
Therefore, the cluster of music and mythical beings creates a grid of connections in Slovenian space and time which, sometimes with its generality and excessive influence, transcends the Slovenian space and time. It reaches where rules the culture of the heart freed from servant′s insignificance.
Ana Kržišnik


Author of the concept and director: Barbara Pia Jenič
Dramaturg and language consultant: Ana Kržišnik
Costumes and make-up: Incognito Design
Set designer and photographer: Urška Boljkovac
Lightning designer and technical manager: Jernej Volk
Graphic designer: Mirola Šoti
Author of the concept on the Vinoteka setting: Juš Milčinski
Author of the concept on the Pentagonal Tower setting: Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev
Music in the Vinoteka setting: Fran Milčinski – Ježek in Marijan Vodopivec
Music in the Hribars′ Hall setting: Ansambel bratov Avsenik
Music in the Viewing Tower setting: Pepel in kri
Music in the KLMT setting: Siddharta
Music in the Celice setting: Laibach
The City of Sighs anthem: Tomi M., Grega Skočir, Peter Penko, Alojz Gradnik
sound designer: Samo Jurca
Production: Barbara Pia Jenič
Production assistant: Inga Remeta
English translations: Polona Prodnik
Dressmakers: Petra Galo Volk, Anja Milošič, Natalija Kerkez
Camera: Blaž Oman, Tilen Žemva
Editing: Barbara Pia Jenič

Tomi M. – Eros
Greaga Skočir – Thanatos
Štefka Drolc – Francka Cankar
Manca Dorrer – Lepa Vida
Lucija Ćirović – Županova Micka
Violeta Tomič, Barbara Pia Jenič – Juta
Tina Uršič, Meta Černe – fantasms of longing
Alenka Kozolc – Veronika Deseniška
Juš Milčinski, Toni Cahunek, Ana Marija Mitić – the Vinoteka setting
Katja Povše, Juna Ornik, Barbara Butalovič – the Pentagonal Tower setting
Polona Prodnik, Vesna Vrabelj – the Hribars′ Hall setting
Barbara Pia Jenič – Voice of Milena Batič on the radio
Petra Kovič – Voice of the radio announcer